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Arian Fateh Shargh Titanium Mine Is Inaugurated

Arian Fateh Shargh Titanium Mine Is Inaugurated

Khorasan, the rising place of the oriental sun, has forever been a dream realizer in the hopeful eyes of proud Iranians. This treasured land is the cradle of craftsmen’s creativity, and the master of science and technology lights up its sky. Today, Aug 28th, 2022, as Iran celebrates the ‘government week’ commemorating martyrs Rajai and Bahonar, the servants of the nation and the overlords of faith and deed, the third titanium mine of Iran is inaugurated. Mr. Huseyn Ebrahimi-Kordyani, the deputy governor of Khorasan and special governor of Sabzevar, the head of the Industry, Mining, and Trade Office of Sabzevar, and the Rodab Sabzevar county’s Imam of Friday Prayer made us proud by attending the ceremony.

The supreme leader guidelines and his annual motto, “Knowledge-based and job-creating production,” motivated the vigorous activity of caring entrepreneurs in the first year of the new (HS) century. Sabzevar is house to the committed experts whose nonstop attempts made inaugurating one of northeast Iran’s most significant projects possible. The third Iranian titanium mine became operational in only 8 months by mighty Iranian engineers and using Iranian equipment. The mine is located near Arian village, 65 km from the historic city of Sabzevar.

Mr. Namazi laid the groundwork for the project by discovering the titanium mine and acquiring an operating license for a twenty-seven tons operation in 2011. Completing the studies and providing the necessary resources delayed project execution for a few years. Arian Fateh Shargh experts performed the construction operations, including precise geological studies, geophysical operations, sampling, and deep drilling.

Considering the growing size of the enormous project, Mr. Mahmoud Mojarad, Arian Fateh Shargh CEO, secured Mr. Hassanzaeh and his sons, managers of renowned Fajr Holding Company, investment in the project and commenced the construction operation of the titanium mine.

Today, as this valuable metal’s unique properties and capabilities become known, titanium is used in creating hard and resistive, and at the same time light and flexible, alloys. It has become of everyday use in various chemical, health, pharmaceutical, construction industries, and many other fields. Due to its numerous properties, we can see its use in a wide range of light and heavy products, from chemical and industrial pigments to the body of marine constructs, airplanes, and power plant condensers.

By constructing the third Iranian titanium mine and making it operational, zealous Iranian youth created a unique opportunity for industrial and economic growth. It will pave the way for other long-term goals.