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No. 59 Between Maleko Shoara Bahar 52-54 Street, Taghi Abad Sq, MASHHAD, IRAN, Sales Manager Phone +989153075261

Arian Fateh Shargh Company
Arian Fateh Shargh Company
Executor of Mining Projects
Arian Fateh Shargh Company
Arian Fateh Shargh Company
Iran's Third Titanium Mine




Arian Fateh Shargh Titanium Mine

Engineers, specialists and experts of Arian Fateh Shargh were able to put the third titanium mine in northeastern Iran into operation in a period of 8 months.
Arian Fateh Shargh Company | Titanium Mining

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About Arian Fateh Shargh Company

Manager of exploration, extraction and processing of mineral metals

Arian Fateh Shargh Company, under the management of Mahmoud Mojarrd, is a subsidiary of Fajr Holding. Fajr Holding has launched reliable brands in the field of transportation, gas, oil and water, medical equipment, mineral metals, cement, etc. Arian Fateh Shargh has the ability to explore all kinds of mineral metals, extract and process them with its Iranian and local engineers and specialists.

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Arian Fateh Shargh Company | Titanium Mining

What are the uses of the titanium element?

Today, knowing the irreplaceable properties and capabilities of titanium, this valuable metal is used as one of the practical metals in the production of hard and resistant alloys, which are light and flexible at the same time, and its use in various chemical, health, industrial, construction, and air industries. Space and many other fields have become popular.

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